Wednesday, September 9, 2015

"Buy This House" - My Frustration!

Ohhhhh...... I have been on the go - traveling between GA and FL this past two weeks.  And believe me when I say, this 62-year-old body is tired!!!!!!

When I got back from Savannah, I was thrilled to find all kinds of goodies in my mail box.  One item was this awesome date stamper that I ordered directly from China.  It arrived in less than 5 weeks which I think is great, especially since it cost less than anything I could buy in the states.

Now I can stamp the date on all of my journal pages!

Speaking of journal pages........

Here's one I have been playing with for a while.  I have a home in Savannah that I need to sell, but it's not going particularly well.  So, I thought I'd vent my frustration out in my journal.  Well, sadly, the journal page isn't going the way I'd like either.  Just shows that not every page is going to end up being a masterpiece.  And that's not the point of art journaling anyway.  So, I'm sharing my experiments with you!


This is the "Before" page.
I wanted to make the house more prominent, make it pop out and become the center of interest some how.

Since the house had a lot of yellow in it, I thought that by surrounding it in its complimentary color: purple, the house would surely pop.

Well, it sort of did.....but not in a good way.

Now I have a house with a purple border.  Ugh!

And once I posted these photos, I  noticed that the sun was way too dominant!  So, it's back to the drawing to speak.

The great thing about journaling is that it's a layering process.  I can layer more intense colors or I can knock it back with white gesso, stencils, or even collage.  There is no limit.  And it's not done until I say it's done!

I'll share the finished page with you .......when I finish.  Till then, keep making art!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

"Everything Changes", Mixed Media Art Journal Page
 Everything Changes!

....and so have I!  Or rather my art interests have changed.  Over the past several months, I have been inexplicably drawn to stencils, stamps, and mixed media - OH MY!

Not only that, but my work has gone in the direction of Zetti, Steampunk, and Grunge ....although, I have not given up my passion for intense color.

It began with my personal art journaling; trying to figure out where I belong in this world, now that I am a new bride of 2 years .....
- at the age of 62 -
- - to BOB.  (I adore him!)
And, moving, after 12 years, from my home in Savannah, GA, to a home in the country on Lake Lanier, in Cumming, GA.  (It's so BEAUTIFUL HERE!!!)

But you can believe me when I tell you that Cumming, GA is not the art center of the world.....or the US, ....... or even Georgia.  If I was a landscape, or still life painter, I'd have it made.  But I'm not.

"Texture Play", Mixed Media Art Journal Page
So, where does an artist go from here?  Well, she follows her soul, of course!  And my soul has been having the best time just "playing" lately.....with stencils, stamps, and mixed media!

So, I make no apologies.

I am what I am....yup, I'm not a SERIOUS artist.

(gasp)   And I'm happy!

If you like "happy", please follow me on this adventure of mine.  I say adventure because I have no idea what I'm doing!!!!  As usual.....LOL!

But I'm going to learn as I go - I will!  And so might you!  On the other hand, if you have any advice for a 62-year-young, techno-preneur-wannabe, I welcome it.

First step:  revvv up this blog.  My goal is to post weekly - - not weakly!

Next:  start filming my art journaling process with my (first ever) smart phone.  I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and I LOVE it!!!!!      (Don't tell Bob - he knows I have the phone....but he doesn't know I LOVE IT!!!!)
I have watched so many of you on YouTube and you inspire me every day!  Now I want to share my art discoveries.

I'm stuck up here in the woods - not an ideal place to find other art journaling enthusiasts.  My only hope is you!  You, the internet.  You, on YouTube.  You, on Facebook.  You, on Instagram (?) - ok, now out of my comfort zone.....but - - - I can-do-eeeeet!  : ]

Seriously tho, y'know what my biggest hope is?  I hope that someday I can share this post with my new grandkidz (today ages 2, 5, 7 & 9), and show them how far NanaCat has come in a world that is, today, REeeeeeealy foreign to me.  Foreign, that is, except for the art.  The art always speaks my language; always recognizes my soul; always makes me feel happy and totally at home.

"Time Goes Fast", Mixed Media Art Journal Page

   oooooo h,
   I'm sensing a theme for a journal page!!!!!!

   Catch me next week.  I won't have the art done because
   I'm traveling over the Labor Day weekend to visit my
   dear Pop-in-law.  But, I have 4 days off after that till I
   have to travel again.  And baby - -

Please follow me.......
I'm very needy. : ] hahahaha!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Stepping Up - or - Has it Been 4 Years Already?!?!

...let's just say I got a little sidetracked since my last blog post!

I met and married a wonderful man - we have just celebrated our one-year anniversary.  I've been incorporated into his wonderful family: two beautiful successful daughters, their equally impressive husbands, and 4 of the world's greatest grandchildren ages 22 months to 7 years.  It's only taken me 61 years to get it right..... I could give thanks for my blessings the entire day!

But I can't.

We have also just purchased a home in N. Georgia on Lake Lanier.  That means packing, unpacking, cleaning, painting walls, bringing our dock up to code, and various other tasks that new homeowners have to deal with.  But what inspirational country for an artist!  The hills, the trees, the lake and all it's wildlife....I could just sit on the back porch all day watching Mother Nature's dance.

But I can't.

Because in the past year, I have also had cataract surgery in both eyes.........I know, so young!?! ; )  But what a spectacular stroke of luck!  I landed in the hands of an angel in the form of Ophthalmologist, Mark Manocha, MD, In Savannah, GA.  His skill has made it possible for me to now drive without the need for glasses!  Because of severe astigmatism and nearsightedness, I have not been without glasses since the age of 5.  I can now watch TV, drive, and recognize a robin on a wire 100 feet away....all without those cumbersome spectacles creasing the bridge of my nose.  I am SO excited!!!  "Thank you" just doesn't express my gratitude to Dr. Manocha and his wonderful team.

Life is truly GOOD!

But now it's time for me to step up.  I am an artist.  I began as a commercial artist 30 years ago.  I've also been a successful fine artist selling my paintings in art shows and galleries.  Sadly, however, I have not done any significant art in years.  I could blame it on the economy, my eyesight, an exhausting divorce, earning a living as a substitute teacher, earning a masters, planning my wedding, or beginning a new life.  (Whew!  All that in the past 6 years - that could be part of the reason....)  But the truth is not that simple.  And looking back does nothing to change the past; I have always found the future much more exciting to think about anyway.  Let's just say I've "stepped away" from my art for a few years.  If you're like me and you've somehow misplaced that passion, that urge compelling you to create, you understand.  Artistic talent is a precious blessing and it hurts to let it go.  But don't fret!

The spark is always there.  For ever and always.

My life is "in order" now; it's time to rekindle that fire - that passion.

My first big "step" up is writing this post.  The minute it's published, I will be be accountable.  (Trust me, I'm a product of Catholic school; guilt is in my DNA.) 

If you've read this far, maybe you can identify with me, maybe I can inspire you; maybe together we can develop the thrust to do wonderful, exciting things with our lives, and our talents.  For truly, your interest in my art is the only reason I create.

If no other creature could hear, would a bird have reason to sing?

It's an adventure.  Let's see what happens!


PS:  My Goal this week is to begin a new painting.  Let's just jump in with both feet!  Check back next week to see how it's going........we'll both be surprised!  ; }