Wednesday, September 9, 2015

"Buy This House" - My Frustration!

Ohhhhh...... I have been on the go - traveling between GA and FL this past two weeks.  And believe me when I say, this 62-year-old body is tired!!!!!!

When I got back from Savannah, I was thrilled to find all kinds of goodies in my mail box.  One item was this awesome date stamper that I ordered directly from China.  It arrived in less than 5 weeks which I think is great, especially since it cost less than anything I could buy in the states.

Now I can stamp the date on all of my journal pages!

Speaking of journal pages........

Here's one I have been playing with for a while.  I have a home in Savannah that I need to sell, but it's not going particularly well.  So, I thought I'd vent my frustration out in my journal.  Well, sadly, the journal page isn't going the way I'd like either.  Just shows that not every page is going to end up being a masterpiece.  And that's not the point of art journaling anyway.  So, I'm sharing my experiments with you!


This is the "Before" page.
I wanted to make the house more prominent, make it pop out and become the center of interest some how.

Since the house had a lot of yellow in it, I thought that by surrounding it in its complimentary color: purple, the house would surely pop.

Well, it sort of did.....but not in a good way.

Now I have a house with a purple border.  Ugh!

And once I posted these photos, I  noticed that the sun was way too dominant!  So, it's back to the drawing to speak.

The great thing about journaling is that it's a layering process.  I can layer more intense colors or I can knock it back with white gesso, stencils, or even collage.  There is no limit.  And it's not done until I say it's done!

I'll share the finished page with you .......when I finish.  Till then, keep making art!

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