Wednesday, January 16, 2008

First Clue on the Path to Finding My Style

So I'm watching this documentary about Chuck Close, whom I enjoy immensely. And he says something that smacks me upside the head. When I get the exact quote off the tivo, I'll edit this. But it's something to the effect that, out of 8 or 9 photos that he takes of his subject, he knows the right photo to use for his painting when he sees it. He just "knows".

He doesn't follow a rule of composition. He doesn't have the model sit for hours on end for the painting. He doesn't elaborate over the lighting, modeling, etc of his subject. He just snaps pictures that are quite similar and he "knows".

Suddenly, a bolt of lightening hits me. I have to trust myself. I learned all the rules in art school, working in advertising design, studying the work of other artists, and learning when a piece works or why it doesn't work. And now I just "know" when the composition arrives at what I am after. I have to stop thinking and start feeling. And stop second-guessing myself.

I did two little ATC's today. Tomorrow I will revisit them, add a touch here or there to finish them. And then I will post them here. Creating them was an act of joy. They are an example of the art that comes easily from my soul. When I paint in this way, my conscious mind leaves the physical plane and dances in the realm where creation resides.

It comes so easily that I tend to reject it. I wonder what would happen if I embraced it? I'll let you know.

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